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Thanks to varied fares and odd bonus amounts, it is easy to end up with a MetroCard with an unusable balance after a subway or bus ride when using default refill options on the MTA vending machines. Whether you are a visitor to New York who does not want to leave any unused funds behind or a resident who seeks the zero balance MetroCard, this calculator can help you undo the odd balance and restore an amount actually divisible by the number of rides you need.Features:- Calculate the optimal amount to add to your card based on your planned usage, your current balance, and the MTA fare bonus- Can account for special fares, including the AirTrain, Express Buses, and Reduced Fare MetroCards- Adjust the maximum acceptable unused amount on your card (from $0.00 to $0.04) to open more options- For the truly OCD (or those wishing to further delay completion of the 2nd Ave Subway tenths of a cent at a time), the $0.00** option allows you to select only the refill amounts where rounding is in your favor
When using this app, choose the "Add other amount" option on the MVM, and enter the appropriate amount shown under the "ADD THIS" column in the app. Check the bonus and total value amounts against what is shown on the machine.While best effort has been made to make accurate calculations based on published rules, limits, and different methods of accounting, this app is mainly for entertainment and there is no expressed or implied guarantee that entering said amount will prevent the MVM from deciding to do math differently, eating your card, eating you, or otherwise making your day less fun.